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The vision of Choices Pregnancy Clinic is to be the place where individuals who may be pregnant or have sexual health concerns find comfort and the resources they need to thrive. We desire to protect and enhance the life of the child and mother and family. We, also, want to be there for those not here yet by educating men and women on the adverse outcomes related to sexual activity including HIV, other STIs, viral hepatitis, and unintended pregnancies. There are currently 6.2 million pregnancies in the United States each year, with over half of those being unintended. In fact, nearly half (45%) of all American women will experience an unintended pregnancy by the age of 45. While condoms and birth control may prevent pregnancy and some STIs, even if used consistently and correctly each and every time, they cannot provide 100% protection. Many STIs do not have any symptoms and can lead to health complications. We want those who need confidential answers for their sexual health or pregnancy concerns to contact us for help. 

The vision of New Beginning Family Education Center is to assist the babies, moms and dads in their needs while offering the parents an education that will make the life of the child and family better. The Earn While You Learn program provides a range of 250 topics that teach parents a better way to protect and raise their child. Our goal is to be there for the family to help them become loving parents and prepare their children to succeed in life. Those enrolled in our program receive most everything they could need for their infant up 2 years and beyond if needed. Many of the families we see are from “fatherless” homes and most likely raised by their grandmother. Our desire is to help strengthen families to stay together and see the presence of a loving mother and father in the home. Helping fathers become dads is an emphasis. We hope a new generation grows up to plan for a caring family, teaching others how to have one as well.

Information taken from www.cdc.gov and www.guttamacher.org

Choices Pregnancy Clinic

Choices Pregnancy Clinic offers free pregnancy test, free ultrasounds, options counseling with accurate information on Abortion, adoption, parenting, sexual health and STD symptoms. We offer classes for Post-Abortion Healing, Life Choices, and have available resources for infant needs. www.choicesal.org

New Beginnings Family Education Center

The Family Education Center offers to meet the whole family needs while providing resources for their baby. The goal of New Beginning Family Education Center is assist the babies, moms and dads in their needs. We offer a program called Earn While You Learn that provides a range of 250 topics for parents, from Car Seat and Sleep safety to Tantrums and Setting Limits, to Manners Matter and Making Memories. Topics to help the overall family include Filling the Hole (emotional needs), Positive Parenting, Discipline with Love, the Power of Words and Step Parenting. They are also given the opportunity to learn Life Skills, Budget and Job Search skills, and Biblical Discipleship. The Fatherhood program helps fathers learn to be dads.

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